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for the regular working women, the most common posture is bent at the desk, in front of the computer, keep a long time.

because of lean sideways or lying on the table, right in the breasts on the fulcrum of extruding. Research shows that if the hard edge of the table by breast extrusion for nearly 1.5 hours, can interfere with the normal metabolism of the breast, a long time will cause adverse consequences. Such as ignoring the breast health, there will be a lot of people breast fullness, chest and back pain and other muscle sour unspeakable armpit discomfort.

employees except the sleeping time, most of the time to sit, sit for a day, a lot of female office workers, due to the long sedentary, menstruation and menstrual period often have severe pain, this is because of the lack of exercise and sedentary normal blood circulation disorder, so that.

3, sedentary

B, idle time in the work to turn the head, moving the shoulder is also a good little exercise.


arm will be at the same time on both sides of the breast to form a serious oppression, so that it is under strong external pressure deformation. For a long time, not only to lose a strong breast rounded curve, cause breast sagging, serious will affect breast development.

many women usually like to hold their arms, which is the most unfavorable position of the breast.

1, arm

and blood deficiency is the main cause of breast aging, when you breathe more and more shallow, blood circulation gradually slowed down, the breast will lack the sense of inflation and inflation, and gradually sagging!

the correct posture should be to relax the hands naturally on both sides of the legs, or holding hands in front of the abdomen, so that the breast is not subject to any pressure from the body, breathing, stretching, natural growth.

so often straight waist, tired to stand against the wall for a few minutes, will make your chest comfortable.


2, volt sitting


C, chest movement: you can stand in the corner of the office, the left hand press in the corner, the right leg forward a big step until you feel the chest completely open, to maintain 30 seconds or more, for the direction of repeat the above action.

women at breast, often squeezed by the edge of the table, great harm to health of the female breast.

due to intense pace of work, often to can’t help tayao, thereby increasing the burden of lumbar spine, hinder the blood circulation, thereby affecting the development of the pectoral muscles.


4, bend

sleeping, sitting, standing and walking posture of breast… These have important influence, if not beautiful posture, will destroy your chest. The following several wrong posture, do no good!

a, the normal working hours are generally 8 hours, you can go to the toilet every other hour, and then take a few minutes to rest, drink plenty of water is necessary.

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