Do not cheat strangers shop


is regular customers, give some concessions, this is a lot of shops will take the means of operation. However, if this is in the face of a new customer, it is undoubtedly inappropriate. In fact, as a retail household, in the retail business encountered a customer is a regular visit to our shop familiar customers, there is a first or a few times a few times into the shop to buy something unfamiliar customers.

in business transactions, often some shopkeepers will give what old customers to give appropriate preferential treatment, in order to repay the loyal customers; the same kind of goods to customers is another price, they think is just a strange customer or occasionally to buy things, can not enjoy preferential prices. In fact, this approach is not appropriate.

if this is not feasible in the case of the customer, once seen by the customer, it will lead to dissatisfaction with the health of customers. Of course, if in the event of a special case of experienced customers and customers together to buy things, you can not give birth to the customer in the face of cooked customer preferences, should be treated equally, flexible transaction. Otherwise, it will lead to dissatisfaction with the health of customers, resulting in loss of tourists.

a few days ago, I took my son to a shoe store to buy Sports shoes. Shoes code standard, the son is more appropriate to wear, it is determined to buy what kind of shoes can be. So, I asked the boss how much money can be traded. The boss replied: "we are generally buy 100 yuan a pair of acquaintances or the minimum $90, then you know the price to the price of $90! This type of sneaker is good looking and good in quality." "80 yuan, how? If the quality is good, I need to buy shoes and choose to come here." I said to the boss.

"it’s not, we have this shoe purchase price of 80 yuan, the sale price will earn 10 dollars a pair, now difficult to do business ah, the overhead is so big, to earn money!" The landlady with a bitter tone. See the boss said so, I also realized that the business is not easy, so I will not bargain, according to the price of the boss said the transaction. Just when I was ready to pay for the payment, the customer before the interview wearing shoes received a phone call (there may be an urgent matter) on the pocket out of 80 yuan to the boss on the hastily out of the shop door.

so, I also deliberately took out 80 yuan to pay the boss to see how she explained. Even 10 yuan, ah, before the good money of a pair of $90." The boss said firmly. Listen to the boss said, more irritated my heart dissatisfaction, I said bluntly: "you this boss is too heartless. The same shoes why people can sell 80 yuan, and I need 90 yuan, is this fair?"

, "to be honest with you, the customer is just one of my friends."

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