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fast to menstruation early? The above describes three ways to make early menstruation for everyone, are taking progesterone, urged by needle and taking the pill, through these methods can make early menstruation. However, these methods are achieved through drugs, with more side effects, improper use of words, the greater the harm to women, so be careful to use.

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fast way to make menstruation ahead

contraceptives in addition to contraception, but also can adjust the menstrual cycle. In particular, some hormonal contraceptives, the stimulation of women, not long-term use. If you want to adjust the menstrual cycle by taking birth control pills, be sure to take it under the guidance of a doctor.

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wanted to make rapid advance menstruation, can be achieved by taking progesterone, but need to be prepared in advance. General advice to begin taking progesterone in a month before menstruation, to grasp the content, do not overdose. From the beginning of the first day of taking progesterone, menstruation has served to the day before a week, you can stop taking the medication. This method can make menstruation ahead of time.

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would like to quickly make menstruation ahead of time, you can also go to the hospital to urge the needle, you can let the menstrual ahead of time. The role of the promotion of the needle is used to thicken the endometrium, and then make the endometrial premature shedding, in order to achieve the purpose of early menstruation. In general, after the kick through the needle, after three or four days will be menstruation. It should be noted that the reminder of the health of women against harmful, do not use at will.

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stable menstrual cycle is very important for female friends, but sometimes encounter some things, and when menstruation approaching, it is more troublesome. So many female friends want to change menstrual cycle. So, how to quickly make the method of menstruation ahead? Next, this article will introduce three kinds of methods can advance to menstruation.

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