Hefei launched a new model – Global nvestment

in order to promote regional economic development in Hefei, people will pay attention to a number of factors, the eastern part of Hefei to increase investment, to win more people optimistic. Millet technology, drops travel, as well as the world’s top 500 companies – Germany SAP, Germany BOSCH…… Yaohai District of Hefei two days to usher in the domestic and foreign nearly 200 service outsourcing enterprises big coffee.


billion in Yaohai, in Hefei City, the first to test the water investment service outsourcing, and Yaohai jointly build a professional global investment platform, set up a new Phyllis science and Technology Park Management Company Limited, Yaohai district as a specialized investment promotion service providers, this is also the Yaohai innovation investment.

Dalian Yida first settled in Yaohai after a big action, this is held the sixth annual meeting of the international standard CC-CMM, and simultaneously held Yaohai investment promotion, the promotion of the Yaohai area to the more than and 200 global service outsourcing enterprises, attracted many heavyweight eyes.

yesterday in the promotion of investment promotion, Yaohai focus on the promotion of the eastern new center. After the approval of the old industrial zone in the transformation of the pilot area, the Yaohai District in Hefei last year proposed the construction of a new center in the East, the current planning is entering the final stage of review. Hefei eastern new center will become the first growth pole in the eastern city of Hefei, accounting for more than half of the total planned area, located in the core area of the planning of Yaohai also ushered in unlimited opportunities." Yaohai district party secretary yesterday introduced the army.

many well-known enterprises gathered in Hefei, I believe in the future, Hefei in the development of science and technology, will make more progress. Yaohai District, said yesterday at the promotion meeting, Hefei science and Technology Industrial Park and Yaohai city science and Technology Industrial Park is the two largest support platform for industrial development in Yaohai. At present, the district is relying on this, and actively cultivate strategic emerging industry platform.

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