Fujian local farmers houses being ndustrial and Commercial Bureau should not bear responsibility

house prices rise, is well known. However, recently, a farmer in Fujian to buy a house, the other side is a cheap house as a pretext, which led to the farmers cheated. For this thing, do you think the local Industrial and Commercial Bureau shall bear responsibility? Let’s look at the specific.

5 18, the reporter came to Beijing, Fujian sand Real Estate Company office: Fuzhou (real estate) Shimao International Center room, I saw the office door locked, which is a mess in the inside of the door of the office in. Building property, said the company began in April 28th no one came, the current Fujian Jing also owed hundreds of thousands of property companies rent.

Fujian Jing Sha accused between 2014 and 2015, two forged state owned enterprise – Beijing (real estate) Capital Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing’s) and Hunan Building Engineering Group General Co (hereinafter referred to as Hunan construction) official data, that the joint development of real estate, defrauding more than 60 million yuan of the farmers in the city to buy a house.

cheap house temptation

2009 July, Fuzhou (Pingtan) integrated experimentation area announced the establishment of. In the construction of a comprehensive experimentation area boom, from 2012 to 2013, Lin Guodong (should be asked by the interviewer, a pseudonym) in the vicinity of the village and the village have been demolished, the villagers were not a lot of money.

2012 in December, the same is the Li Tiansheng of Pingtan registered in Fuzhou, Xin Shengyuan (Fujian) Construction Engineering Co., ltd..

lost land and housing villagers, the city became the only choice to buy a house. Pingtan from Fuzhou closer to the purchase of Fuzhou has become part of the choice of farmers.

began in 2014 when the purchase of Lin Guodong Li Tiansheng, they found Lin Guodong through an acquaintance, that it is in Fuzhou city to develop a real estate, can give them the group purchase price, pay 20 thousand yuan deposit can sign the contract.

Lin Guodong is now quite disgust described that Li Tiansheng was ready for all sectors, will own into the urn". According to Lin Guodong introduction, first of all, Li Tiansheng in January 2014 to Industrial and Commercial Bureau xinshengyuan will change to "state-owned enterprises".

in xinshengyuan equity before the change, Li Tiansheng invested 8 million, another two individuals each invested 1 million. After the change, xinshengyuan renamed "Fujian Beijing sand Group Real Estate Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as" Fujian: Beijing, sand) by "Hunan construction investment" 4 million, "Beijing first" invested 4 million, Li Tiansheng invested 2 million, two "state-owned enterprises" to become the largest shareholder. At the same time, Beijing, Fujian, the registered capital of sand also recommended

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