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breast cancer can be said to be one of the most feared cancer, how to prevent breast cancer is also a matter of great concern to women. So, today, let’s get to know how to stay away from breast cancer!

now many women entering the workplace life, some even stay up late in overtime, with every day, it will not only bring the skin problem annoying, but also increase the probability of breast cancer.

actually, prevention is not

how to prevent breast cancer? 1 eat more fish

how to prevent breast cancer? 5 refused to stay up late

how to prevent breast cancer? 4 keep fit, don’t get fat

how to prevent breast cancer? 3 avoid drinking

Danish scientists have found that women on the night shift are more likely to develop breast cancer, and the longer the night shift, the greater the likelihood of developing breast cancer. This is because artificial light inhibits the secretion of melatonin in the body, and melatonin levels can promote the secretion of estrogen. So if you want to stay away from breast cancer, do not stay up late every night to sleep a good health effects of beauty".

drinking for women, the harm is much greater than men. Drinking the risk of breast cancer is rarely drinkers, daily drinking 1 cups or more cups of L, risk of breast cancer increased by more than 45% little drinkers, this risk in premenopausal women in the most significant. At present, it is thought that alcohol can stimulate the secretion of prolactin in the anterior pituitary of the brain, and prolactin is associated with the occurrence of breast cancer. Therefore, women, especially women before and after menopause, should be drinking or drinking less.

regular long-term exercise. In all walks of life, the athletes in breast cancer incidence was lowest, every day a large amount of exercise, consumption of excess fat, no fat body, estrogen is maintained at a low level, of course, is not with breast cancer "affair", foreign people have made a census of women of childbearing age per Zhou Pingjun 4 hours of physical exercise and the risk of breast cancer will be reduced by 60%.

according to reports, the fish eat less food of the United States, Switzerland, Canada and New Zealand national women have a higher incidence of breast cancer, and fish food intake more Japanese women’s breast cancer incidence rate is low. Experts said that fish contains a fatty acid, can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells, often eat more fish, is very useful for the prevention of breast cancer.

how to prevent breast cancer? 2 more exercise

excessive intake of high-fat foods, often drink will cause the female body to store more fat, the fat will stimulate the secretion of estrogen, and the accumulation of large amounts of estrogen will increase the incidence of breast cancer. Therefore, to reduce the risk of breast cancer, must be reduced to control the control level of estrogen, hormone level, must go on a diet — eat more vegetables, eat fish, eat barbecue drink less, which has no harm to you gabriel.

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