The relevant departments of Harbin, with love to the young pioneers – the whole enterprise

children are the future of the country, if the children live well, make people feel better. Harbin city project hope to join A.O. Smith public student donation ceremony was held in Shuangcheng Tongxin Township Central School, Harbin Secretary of the Municipal Youth League Committee Li Hanlong, Shuangcheng municipal Party committee, deputy secretary of the party Huang Zhi rights minister Wu Xiaodong to attend the donation ceremony, ceremony presided over by the Secretary of Shuangcheng District Committee Wang Yanni.

activities, the students are smiling faces of happiness. In order to express gratitude, pioneers of uncles and aunts wearing a red scarf, and show the Zibianziyan sign language song "3". Concentric school on behalf of teachers and students for loving enterprises presented a banner to express my sincere thanks to the kindness, love enterprise.

"Project Hope" is a benevolent project, is an important carrier of social welfare. Shuangcheng Secretary Huang hopes to make use of these concentric school sports activities, carry out the campus sports science, a good foundation for the healthy development of their children’s future lay, cultivate more a man of tremendous promise for the society, and then return to the community’s affection.

countless love brought rich materials for the children, can accompany the children to have a happy grow up, love enterprises donated a football basketball volleyball badminton, table tennis, skipping and other sporting goods and stationery gifts for primary and secondary school students, I hope the children can study hard, healthy growth.

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