Chengdu college entrance examination mathematics and honors – Robot

math college entrance examination robot, I do not know if you have heard of it? Is to give the robot a set of math questions, so that he can complete. 10 universities and research institutes in the country more than 20 experts, the Chengdu college entrance examination of the robot in the interim. According to the progress of the development of the college entrance examination robot, the test paper total score of 120 points, in accordance with the liberal arts college entrance examination level and the way out of the problem, the monitoring team comes with two sets of volumes, the college entrance examination robot were scored by the results of 86 points and 87 points.

is reported that the national college entrance examination robot is the National 863 project "based on the big data of human intelligence key technologies and systems" in the sub subject "primary mathematical problem solving key technologies and systems". The test group test results obtained on behalf of the domestic advanced level and Chinese artificial intelligence level, at present there is no similar academic articles published and developed in Japan "east big robot" project has announced its withdrawal from the robot to participate in college entrance examination plan.

"college entrance examination" robot, founder of nephology star CEO Lin Hui said, star nephology using artificial intelligence to develop a product is a smart pen with the background of the artificial intelligence system. The system through the pen for data acquisition, a key to the cloud, the background system can be a portrait of his ability to learn in this discipline. Where to write fast, where to write slowly, what the problem, what are the defects of thinking, the system knows everything.

thus, the robot system completely changed the teacher’s work content and scope. The traditional model, to students from error correcting students’ homework, the teacher, the general need 2-3 days, with the sight system judge after the operation, the day can work day correcting, meet the students’ cognitive rules and laws of memory.

has the college entrance examination mathematics robot, in the future it may help the examination paper, has brought more convenience for the people. A set of 120 points, the robot can reach more than and 80 points, it is amazing. "New technologies support the new economy, drive new demand and open up new industries." Chengdu high tech Zone relevant responsible person said that the new economy with new technologies, new industries, new models, new formats, new products as the representative of the emerging high-tech zones in Chengdu, and gradually formed a new "visible"".

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