Milk this important 3 aspects to keep breast health network female beauty

experts said, chocolate, ice cream and other high calorie food, not only make people fat, but also harm the breast, causing breast lipoma, and even breast cancer, the incidence of 30-50 years of age in the majority. This is because excessive intake of fat and animal protein, promote the production and release of certain hormones in the body, will stimulate the proliferation of mammary gland epithelial cells, which is one of the important causes of breast disease. In addition, eat less salted food, these pickled foods contain more nitrite, is a carcinogen. If the patient of hyperplasia of mammary glands often eat this kind of food may cause hyperplasia of mammary gland malignant transformation, the formation of breast cancer.

milk this important 3 aspects to maintain the beauty of the breast

a, diet

three, emotional

breast is a unique symbol of female organs, but many women only concerned about the shape of the breast beauty, but ignored the health of the breast is also very important. Women should cherish breast in these areas, to avoid the occurrence of breast disease.

women according to their own situation of breast wear soft texture, size fit bra, bra is not appropriate to breast "torture", in the course of time, will cause poor blood circulation of the breast pain and oppression, and even lead to breast hyperplasia disease.

bad mood to destroy breast health, the study pointed out that long-term depression in women tend to increase breast pain, breast hyperplasia. Some women are more sensitive, emotional depression, anxiety and other negative emotions directly affect hormone secretion, long-term negative emotions can not resolve the results from the breast disease. In addition, the white-collar work pressure is easy to endocrine disorders, and around the breast around the lymphoid tissue, contemporary Xie imbalance, will lead to accumulation of toxins, leading to breast disease.

two, underwear

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