Centralized procurement of medical supplies in public hospitals

According to the provincial government’s deployment, promote the comprehensive reform of public hospitals to accelerate, regulate drug distribution order, establish and improve the drug supply security system to the basic drug system as the foundation, according to the general office of the State Council Concerning the spirit, combined with our province, the provincial government office issued a "perfect embodiment of public hospital drug medical supplies centralized procurement Qinghai province".

the program requirements, and effectively reduce the virtual high drug price of medical supplies, the establishment of provincial centralized procurement mechanism centralized purchasing units and medical institutions joint procurement combined drug medical supplies, transparency, classification of procurement, take strokes in one, linked to the volume and price, double envelope system, process monitoring and security measures drug and medical consumables quality and supply, effectively reduce the burden of medical expenses of the patients. Participate in the centralized procurement of medical supplies for the province’s public medical institutions at all levels. All drugs used in public medical institutions of the province (including non essential drugs and basic drugs, excluding Chinese herbal medicine), medical supplies (medical supplies, medical supplies, general test reagents including high value) all included in the scope of provincial centralized procurement. Among them, the classification of medical supplies. In clinical drug demand, list bidding, negotiation, purchasing online, production of medicines, the implementation of classification of procurement, to further reduce drug prices artificially high, and the average was 10%. Establish and improve the medical supplies bidding and procurement, procurement negotiations, the purchase price of the new mechanism, the implementation of a combination of strokes, volume and price linked to effectively reduce the virtual high prices; medical supplies with the amount of procurement.

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