Huangyuan compulsory education phase to achieve zero charges

March 21st, a reporter from the Huangyuan County Education Department learned that this year, Huangyuan county is exempt from the compulsory education stage student homework fee, 14 thousand students benefit from the implementation of zero charge in the stage of compulsory education.

in recent years, Huangyuan county education as an important livelihood projects to grasp. Last year, 3 million yuan investment in the purchase of a school bus to solve the difficult problem of students in remote areas to go to school. This year will continue to increase investment in education, to exempt the county compulsory education phase of the students of the operating costs. Fan Hu, deputy director of the Huangyuan County Board of education, said this year to arrange special funds about two hundred thousand yuan, continue to waive the cost of compulsory education students in the school fees, each student can receive free subjects. This measure effectively reduces the economic burden of poor families, so that all compulsory education students enjoy free education. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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