mprove the convenience of the provincial capital of 300 vegetable outlets will debut community

this year, Xining business sector will be the people’s livelihood project as the theme, to improve people’s livelihood, people’s livelihood as the focus, to further improve the city community public service facilities, expand the city consumption, cultivate 2 domestic service enterprises, offering breakfast more than 20 outlets, and will open the community direct vegetable shop 300, selling meat 50 above.

for the protection of market supply, stable prices of vegetables, Xining City, the business sector will continue to focus on the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center, Green Lane wells business district, two lane, commercial pedestrian street and other key construction projects; take special funds for coordination of bank loans and other measures, the organization in the winter and spring of transporting 40 thousand tons of vegetables to ensure the supply of vegetables our city needs; to further expand the coverage of village farm shop, enhance unified distribution level, improve the rural consumption environment and promote rural consumption of rural residents, to achieve safe, convenient and affordable consumption, transformation of farm shop 100; the implementation of the construction of Xining renewable resource recycling system, new construction of standardized community recycling network 120, the construction of large-scale distributed transaction 1, the construction of automobile dismantling Center and sorting center; built by the community recycling outlets as the foundation, distribution market The core, the use of price for the purpose of combining point and surface, the trinity of renewable resources recycling network. According to the Municipal Bureau of commerce is responsible for the introduction, this year the city will nurture and develop a number of export-oriented private enterprises, the expansion of foreign trade business team, make more and more enterprises to participate in international competition, to achieve the number of operation qualification of import and export enterprises reached 600, the total import and export volume reached 700 million yuan.


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