Our province to increase the intensity of social medical support

The office of the provincial government recently issued "on further accelerate the development of shehuibanyi opinions", to further accelerate the medical community to do constitute the scale and level of development, accelerate the construction of diversified medical pattern, to meet the diversified and multi-level health service demand. The opinions proposed to give full play to the role of the market mechanism, increase the intensity of social support to do medicine, to further enhance the ability of social medical services. Among them, will further increase the intensity of social medical support.

— the establishment of financial support mechanism. Provincial finance to increase shehuibanyi support, social do non-profit medical institutions will provide basic medical and health services into the scope of government subsidies, in the aspect of clinical key subject construction and personnel training, implementation and public medical institutions as the subsidy policy.

– shehuibanyi into medical insurance coverage. Will meet the conditions of the social medical institutions into the medical insurance, medical assistance and other designated range, and signed a service agreement for management, the implementation of the same policy and public designated medical institutions. May not be the main body of investment and institutional ownership as a pre condition of medical insurance.

— the practical implementation of tax preferential policies. Medical services provided by social medical institutions shall be exempted from business tax. In accordance with the provisions of the society run non-profit medical institutions occupied property, land, property tax, urban land use tax. To further clean up and cancel unreasonable and illegal fees for social medical institutions.

, optimize the investment and financing policy guidance. Encourage financial institutions in accordance with the characteristics of medical institutions to actively innovate service models and credit products, to support the community to actively explore the construction of medical equity financing, project financing, mortgage loans and other ways to raise funds for construction and development.

– multi-channel protection of medicines and high value medical material supply. Social medical institutions can participate in the province as a unit of drugs and high-value medical supplies centralized procurement, but also from the legitimate channels of independent procurement.  

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