10 female workers were the role model

March 7th morning, jointly organized by the Federation of trade unions, Xining City radio and television to celebrate "38" and "China dream labor Beauty Awards ceremony – · female workers in the example" action woman theme activities held at the Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of propaganda department, Municipal Federation of trade unions chairman Wang Haihong, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Ma Ning attended the ceremony 10, female workers from all walks of life won the "model workers" title.

it is understood that the launch of the China dream labor beauty – · female workers in the example "action women theme activities, to vigorously promote the socialist core values, further promote the work in our city to create a city work and advanced areas of national unity and progress, with good family inheritance development", the construction of good tradition "activities, to show the style of female workers, setting a number of" good Zonta upliftings, "female role models, play an exemplary and leading role to create a healthy, civilized and harmonious strong social atmosphere, together to achieve" Chinese dream Xining chapter "a powerful spiritual force.

Since its launch in January,

has attracted wide attention and active participation of all sectors, sectors and groups. Trade union organizations at all levels to fully reflect the masses and authenticity, based on the basic line, focusing on the selection of the side visible and tangible, learn the characters, recommended that selection activities become an effective carrier of workers self-education and self-improvement. Activity received a total of 122 women candidates recommended example materials, types of good family inheritance relates to construction tradition, dedication, filial love the old pro, helpfulness, unremitting self-improvement, public spirited, national unity, honesty and trustworthiness of eight categories, reflecting the representative of wide coverage and selected characters selection range. After the primary recommendation, female Committee primaries, leading group selection and other strict procedures, the final 10 female employees in high vindland named "model worker".


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