Global mobilization, leading the majority of workers to join the practice of creating a city – Xinin


    since the city to create a civilized city activities arrangements, Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics closely around a city overall deployment, specifically global mobilization, to vigorously promote the socialist core value system, to enhance the quality of civilization as the focus, improve their own quality, to promote the city to create a national civilized city to contribute. August 29th, my bureau in the work of the task is heavy, fewer people, the deployment of 20 workers to volunteer work in the community of Dongtai, clean community corner health. After a morning of labor, clean up about 2 tons of garbage, clean out the garbage about a total of about 30 square meters, by local residents alike. Afternoon, relevant personnel bureau and finance department, led by the office of the Bureau of Dongtai community unit conducted investigations, grasp the progress of a city community, understand the practical difficulties, put forward rectification opinions, and assign special personnel to assist the community in a city work. Through this activity, demonstrating the upward spirit I statistic worker high spirited, and further stimulate the staff to actively join the practice of creating the city of passion, a strong impetus to the city to create a civilized city work.


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