2015 employment assistance month start

recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Disabled Persons Federation launched in 2015 the province’s employment assistance month special activities will be in late February to mid January, the focus of employment difficulties, unemployment assistance disability employment etc..
it is reported that aid during the month, employment difficulties, to meet the conditions that our province disabled registered unemployed persons, the minimum living guarantee family have the ability to work and unemployed personnel, the region to determine the families of unemployed graduates, poverty caused by family members, and other key personnel lost assistance, provide employment assistance. Through in-depth visits to carry out extensive publicity, registration, centralized implementation assistance, keeping track of performance measures, and strive to achieve publicity in place, visited the place, registration place, helping in place of work target, help all kinds of employment difficulties and disabilities registered unemployed persons to achieve higher quality employment. The province plans to organize special recruitment of more than 40 games, visited the employment difficulties and zero employment family households 3 thousand people, to provide employment information about 30 thousand, to help zero employment of family members for "4045" personnel, employment difficult personnel not less than 1 thousand people.


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