Huangyuan County ndustrial and commercial bureau focused on the regulation of tourism market in Xin

in recent years, with the continuous development of the tourism industry in Huangyuan county and city in the mountain, Dan wins reputation on the tourism market regulatory requirements are increasingly high, in order to create further promote the healthy development of our county tourism and civilized city, Huangyuan County Industrial and Commercial Bureau to "strengthen the tourism market supervision, to create a fair orderly tourism consumption environment" as an important work to catch, to strengthen the daily supervision, by August a month a tourism market special rectification activities carried out within the county. The following measures are taken: one is
has achieved the following results through regulation: one is to establish and perfect the service commitment, invoices for cable card, quality assurance, consumer claims regulation system. The two is to strengthen and improve the operator’s awareness of civilization, in order to further enhance the image of Huangyuan tourism laid the foundation. Three is a smooth travel consumer complaints channels.


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