Xining Commission for Discipline nspection of the scene of the cheap county Party and government le

Xining city construction of Corruption Punishment and prevention system to adapt to the new tasks and new requirements of anti-corruption work, bold to create a "county Party organization" number one "to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection Report of the Standing Committee to perform" the new mechanism of a pair of "work", new situations and new contradictions and new problems to deal with corruption in the construction of science, to become a new starting point the effective supervision of the party leaders.

in the past, "top leaders" to own a pair of "work, written materials presented to the relevant aspects of the line. Create a pair of "top leaders" report duty "working mechanism to discipline standing committee, commission for Discipline Inspection, the concentration of power, choose the people concerned about the problem of corruption prone high incidence Department" a "" cheap "as object, to build an effective platform and carrier for strengthening the supervision of the cadres.

"asked Lim" program closely, rigorous procedures. The report was first to report on their work, to perform a pair of "representative then accept the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, party representatives and invited to attend the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, the government invited the Ombudsman, media reporters, the old party members from all walks of life serious public inquiry. To organize the staff to attend the class, attend the consultation on report of diligence bearer satisfaction measurement, finally leading to the report by the Commission for discipline inspection report conclusions and comments, to report honestly request.

meeting, commission for Discipline Inspection and the attendance of the staff representatives from all walks of life, do not listen to one side of the story. Before the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection research group consisting of deep into the research object under the unit and the service object, take payment polls, individual conversations, access to information, forums and other forms, to team members and cadres and the masses to understand the performance of clean politics…… At the meeting, the Commission should feedback to do research group honesty research unit. "Honesty" commitment and what do what to do, what to do, to listen to the real situation of the research into the research group. The most difficult is to pass a number of democratic evaluation, is also the most "bake" clean people. Score is not high, indicating that the work is not competent, to pass must be corrected for the existing problems, but also limit the time, the rectification of the public. In particular were assessed for the poor, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection secretary or deputy secretary of the Commission to admonishing them to talk, and stored in clean archives, and make the responsibility to correct treatment.

reporter at the scene saw the presence of the participants, the question raised by the participants is not pre communication, but no prior screening, to determine the question and ask questions. What questions to ask, honest people do not know. Some of the problems to find the quasi, looking hard, some very sharp, involving people concerned about prices, fees, bidding, project funds, etc.. However, on the whole, the answer of the question in the face of such a "clean" test, a bit nervous, but sincere attitude, can seriously questioned, carefully recorded, answer the question does not conceal not whitewash, do not avoid not shirk.

participants interviewed by reporters, said: "a report, a lifetime of unforgettable" – this comprehensive, open supervision, so that the report has always felt around;

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