Province traffic has the strongest brain

with the wide application of the Internet, today’s network data support for various industries have been pivotal. In February 3rd the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation, with the construction of our province transportation industry data center, the transportation industry in our province is not only the "The Brain" and the information of the "heart" and "the core hub".

it is reported that, as of the end of 2016, the province’s transportation industry data center has been framed a more perfect framework. Currently, the data center has been equipped with 34 major business application systems and databases. Including the comprehensive traffic management, city information, network monitoring and emergency command, project construction Guanyang, credit information industry, supervision and other transportation industry applications, passenger ticket network, 12328, traffic card, city public transportation, rental service work of intelligent service platform and e-government application system. In addition, the data center through the fine operation, strengthen the data center operation management and resource service, received a total of 90 business applications, resource allocation in support of the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau, Haibei Transportation Bureau, Provincial Highway Bureau, the center of the road network and a total of 14 departments. And has worked with the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the provincial emergency office and other departments to complete interoperability, involving industry network management, virtual host allocation, access to the application system, database platform distribution, etc..

this year, the transportation industry data center will continue to implement the development strategy of informatization, informatization to drive the modernization of transport as the main line, reinforce the "big data" and "network security" two foundation, through the implementation of Data Center disaster recovery platform, transportation service platform for big data, the province’s transport industry communication network development and a series of projects. Efforts to achieve "open data sharing and network security control, to promote the integration of information technology and the depth of the industry.


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