Three key work to take the lead in Xining

– I was held to promote the eastern city of group construction, create an ecological civilization first working conference and the financial district – Wang Jianjun on three work request, Wang Yubo arrangements for the deployment of

Wang Jianjun pointed out that the construction of the eastern city group is the new engine of scientific development; ecological civilization pilot area construction, is an important part for Green Governance Strategy; create the eastern city construction group and the first area of ecological civilization, cannot do without the financial work. Previously, the provincial government has held a meeting of these three content. For the provincial Party committee and government to make major decisions and arrangements, Xining should take the lead in implementing, to maintain concentration, continuous efforts in the strong Xining, the province’s service as a new.

Wang Jianjun stressed the need to accurately grasp the focus and focus of the work of the three. First, the expansion of investment projects. To promote the construction of the eastern city of group first district ecological civilization construction and financial work, the focus and difficulty in the project, the key to success also depends on the project, the project investment to "walking on two legs, one is the introduction, one is to go out, to speed up the work of three, should focus on the project, investment and investment. This is the decision of the Xining development and the characteristics of the development, should also become the city’s consciousness. The two is to seize the opportunity to seize reform. To do this in many articles, both problems and points of the essay, the essay focuses on. To break the decentralization of the problem, breaking the problem of optimizing the service, breaking the problem of seeking truth from facts, the way to break the problem, the problem is not breaking the official title, breaking the courage to innovate. The three is to grasp the current long-term. The most important thing is steady growth in the long run, the most important thing is to adjust the structure, steady growth is the key to stable investment, stable industry. To promote these three tasks, the purpose is to steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood.

Wang Jianjun stressed that the city’s educational practice is carried out in an orderly manner, to the results of educational practice is fully reflected in the progress of the work, to be enthusiastic and press on mental state, task decomposition, implement the responsibility to strengthen leadership, to promote the work of the implementation of.

Wang Yubo suggested that the construction of the eastern city of Xining is not only a major opportunity to accelerate development, but also a major responsibility, important requirements. All localities and departments should deepen reform, focus, and large as major breakthroughs in the construction of the eastern city of group, by highlighting the problem oriented to reform, strengthen the industrial enterprise employment support, improve the city’s comprehensive carrying capacity, improve the level of public services, promote the urban and rural areas;

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