Xining North Lane meteorological community talk together each other heart

residents encounter trouble, trouble, to talk about the community room. April 22nd, Xining North meteorological Lane community residents told reporters to talk about their community room.

"stone director, today I come to sit." 22 am, in the North meteorological Lane community office, Liu Huichun, aged 70, as usual, to chat with community director. After the completion of the ventricle, Liu Huichun is a frequent visitor here. "Every day not to sit, I feel uncomfortable." Liu Huichun said. "Sister, I’m here, too." Residents Wang Feng walked in to say hello. "It’s a little late today!" Liu Huichun road. After the staff for them to pour tea, Wang Feng excited to meet the new thing in the morning to buy food for everyone to listen to.

North meteorological Lane Community talk about the completion of a month to the heart, the reception of one hundred residents to visit, mediation disputes from the more than and 50. Shi Xiuling said, now, every day a lot of people will talk about the heart of the report, the voice of each other, seeking happiness, make friends.


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