Can not prevent breast fullness four enemies health network

the woman of the chest management dates back to 2000 BC, that although there is no Bra this thing, but the woman with the aesthetic standards of the male exhausted thoughts make breast change from big to small, from small to large efforts have never stopped. If the pectoralis major is fashion, women looking for collective breast recipe; if a suddenly fashionable, women are immediately steering method to get down.

2, the incidence of breast disease to a minimum. With the numbers above clinical statistics.

3, enjoy sleep: free breast before bedtime.

enemy one: bra rough management

8 hours of sweet sleep to the breast for 8 hours the opportunity of blood flow, is bound to the day of the most basic maintenance of the breast. PARTY weekend hours, you need a strapless Bra support; in the office, you need a pair of tightening type Bra able to help you create the image of women’s occupation; but over the weekend at home, please also had breast appearance, let her the most comfortable stay. Experts suggest that at least one day a week is good for breast health.

enemy two: popular guide to the perfect trap

hospital breast clinic incomplete statistics found that 25-45 year old women, one in every four people with varying degrees of breast disease. The incidence of breast cancer anxious is rising. How much are these with us now for maintenance. Among them, Bra can not shirk its responsibility, especially the survey found that 80% of women wearing the right bra and not when not knowing, we have reason to refuse the bra, breast relaxation.

3, CCUP is not prepared to meet the challenge. More than 60% of Oriental women are A or BCUP. In addition to fitness need to wear sports Bra, usually do not have to worry about sagging breasts.

1, comfortable freedom. This is a big reason.

there is no reason to have more time for a free breast. No Bra bound body will drive the spirit to relax. The spring and autumn and winter: if a thin type of fabric exposed summer let you always have to be prepared to meet the challenge, then the remaining three seasons of the breast you can fulfill the dream of freedom. The pursuit of a perfect body, is one of the reasons why women can not be relieved, so popular is unstoppable, others don’t care is difficult to make a woman judge.



to the breast relaxation 3 reasons

chest main fabric, Lycra cloth, non-woven fabric cup light core, shoulder belt, elastic belt, steel wire, chest back hook, adjustable ring, strip, left wing, decorative flower, suture…… What are you talking about? – bra?! almost every woman with a bra to wear those who walked the crowded small parts that day. Can choose to give up the bra is a minority, although more comfortable.

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