Xining shantytowns 125 old buildings in the hospital for cosmetic surgery

October 14th, reporters from the City Construction Bureau of Xining City area to understand, in order to improve the area of the old buildings of the residents living and living conditions, improve the image of the city, the City District Construction Bureau to implement the comprehensive regulation of the environment of the old buildings of the shanty towns, as the priority among priorities for city construction, will use 5 years to 125 the old buildings of the "cosmetic". After the renovation of the old residential property services will achieve full coverage, realize the basic goal of "Four Haves".

a total of 234 old buildings in the urban area of the hospital, a total of about 578 square meters, an area of about 2 million square meters, accounting for about 35.78% of the total number of old residential areas in Xining. The "three noes" most hospital building by the community on behalf of the management fees collected from the hands of residents to support the normal operation of the property management, resulting in the old buildings of poor sanitation, garbage can not be timely cleaning, daily maintenance of unmanned management, infrastructure is not perfect, is not complete, some disrepair, most of the old buildings of the poor infrastructure old, difficult to manage, not only affects the level and quality of life of the residents to improve, it also restricts the city construction and development, is one of the difficult problems of old buildings to be solved.

began in 2013, the city will use 5 years, the comprehensive renovation of the old buildings of the 125. Comprehensive renovation work will be based on keep the construction pattern, the "demolition, repair, add, change, and other techniques, combined with the bright floor of cultural resources, the overall transformation of body building, street facade and local open space. "Demolition" is the implementation of the comprehensive renovation of the building, demolition of residential buildings along the street clothes hanger, anti-theft bar, illegal building; "repair" of existing buildings in the external wall insulation, roof waterproofing, rebuild damaged roads pavement area; "Tim" is the transformation of a layer along the street facade, improve municipal facilities; "change is to change the original disorderly Street building;" light "is brightening treatment after the transformation of the hospital building, attractions and other facilities, creating vivid and harmonious landscape configuration, perfect service facilities, the old district renovated into a boutique area. At present, the first batch of 34 buildings renovation work was completed in early October; the second batch of 33 buildings completed the comprehensive renovation of the end of October.

at the same time, the comprehensive renovation of urban area area, according to the owners or occupiers of the economic capacity, the follow-up to the management mode of flexible, respect the wishes of the residents of the principle, according to local conditions, the implementation of market-oriented property management, property management, community service center owners autonomous management of different modes of property management, and the establishment of long-term the old buildings of the property service mechanism. By the end of 2013, after the renovation of the old residential property services will achieve full coverage, realize the basic goal of "four", namely: the subject of management, order maintenance, routine maintenance and cleaning of the basic property services. (author: Wu Yachun)

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