Strengthen joint prevention and control mechanism to ensure the smooth and safe entrance

to ensure that our province college entrance examination work safe, orderly and smoothly, the trick has all the members according to the provincial government in the "notice" about to do in 2016 college entrance examination and college entrance examination work safety work safety and the spirit of a special meeting of committee of province recruit "of Qinghai Province in 2016 college entrance examination security plan", according to their respective duties and strengthen cooperation department, strengthen the linkage mechanism construction, the formation of the work force, to ensure that in 2016 our province college entrance examination smoothly and orderly implementation to lay a solid foundation.

provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department established in 2016 the province’s college entrance examination publicity and public opinion guidance and arrangement of news emergency plan, and do a good job of college entrance examination report, put forward the request to the media; Provincial Security Bureau to develop a test chamber security facilities construction regulations, put forward strict requirements, the province’s college entrance examination for the secret room check the full range, no dead; the Provincial Public Security Bureau carried out the special rectification action against the organization, the public security organs, public security fire control, network monitoring, traffic police and other departments, in accordance with the division of responsibilities, go to the area surrounding areas, there is a comprehensive investigation and remediation of safety and security mess, and police coordination force, Easy Access during the college entrance examination provide smooth; the provincial food and Drug Administration formulated the food safety supervision and protection programs, signed the food safety responsibility Any book on sites surrounding catering service units conducted a dragnet inspection; health department is equipped with emergency medical personnel, vehicles, emergency medicine as the center; the provincial environmental protection department to carry out a comprehensive investigation on the area of sensitive noise source, focus on schools, residents concentrated residential areas around the construction site, culture and entertainment business, industrial noise and the noise pollution of the environment on-site inspection of law enforcement, and governing the control of noise pollution difficult regional problems farmers market, night market, square noise; construction enterprises in the housing sector to surrounding the examination conducted the investigation and the measures to prevent noise interference; no Committee Office will coordinate the technical force, monitoring and suppression and the key point to prevent suspicious radio signal, the construction of network security monitoring and examination, the radio signal for general suspicion of cheating Don’t and positioning, to help educate the public security departments to find behind the illegal personnel, ensure the smooth progress of the college entrance examination; the provincial power company to protect the key during the college entrance examination involved the user power supply, the power supply line in the investigation and inspection, rectification of the hidden power; Provincial Communications Administration Bureau and the provincial operators on the full range of communication facilities the monitoring, debugging, and formulate the emergency safeguard measures during the college entrance examination; the Provincial Department of Finance decided to increase the admissions exam invigilator, labor remuneration inspectors and examination personnel; the Provincial Department of Education Foundation in the overall total catch, the implementation of departmental level leading cadres of college entrance examination fenpianbaogan contact point, and linkage control mechanism the provincial public security department, provincial network information office established the entrance of harmful information monitoring, strengthening of paper printing, transportation, storage, distribution, safety supervision and training of personnel involved in the test The training work of the provincial capital; the media to arrange special layout, continuing to promote the policy of the college entrance examination, make a reminder, full service candidates; the Qinghai Normal University and the University of nationalities in Qinghai actively carry out preparatory work of marking, the formation of the whole province;

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