Xining City, 30 cadres Bi testing exercise

April 15th, the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department held 2013 annual testing and training of cadres working conference, 30 cadres to carry out two-way attachment to exercise in the city, and selected 4 new promotion of cadres at county level in two batches to the Complaints Bureau to carry out a six-month testing exercise. This is my tenth batch of selected cadres to carry out the two-way attachment to exercise.

in recent years, the city continue to intensify efforts in testing and training of cadres, adjusting work thinking, clear objectives, select improved ways, from the beginning of 2002, the city has selected the 10 batch of 309 cadres to carry out two-way testing exercise in the city. This year, according to the arrangements for the meeting of Ministers of the organization, in the face of various regions and keep sending to the city’s various units full coverage at the same time, we will continue to carry out two-way attachment between the government and state-owned enterprises and municipal cadres, party and government cadres of the export port, select the new promotion of cadres at county level and county level cadres to petition authorities exercise attachment.

in recent years, an important objective of party cadre training, focus on accelerating the pace of efforts to build high-quality cadres, through the open selection and competition mode, the selection of a large number of outstanding young cadres, optimize the structure of leadership at all levels. For many cadres and the masses lack of grass-roots work experience, vision is not wide, wide thinking is not practical, carry out two-way attachment to exercise by appointing cadres, cadres to further understand and be familiar with the basic situation, and enhance the feelings of the masses, the grassroots cadres to further broaden the horizons, broaden their thinking, enhance the overall awareness, improve decision-making ability and the level of. (author: cadres at a

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