Awesome investment 454 projects opened,

April 25th, the reporter saw in the road of low-income housing construction sites, the total area of 1 million 260 thousand square meters of the road, low-income housing construction project has entered the comprehensive construction period, a period of more than 2 thousand and 700 sets of low-income housing will become family housing difficulties of the gospel. As of now, the city’s 757 construction projects, infrastructure, real estate and other 454 projects in key areas fully opened, awesome which is due to the real estate investment and private investment.

reporter learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission learned that one quarter of the city’s infrastructure investment 921 million yuan, up 82.9%, the real estate investment 1 billion 525 million yuan, an increase of 42.93%, 41.5% growth in private investment, strong investment provides a strong backing for the city construction project. Up to now the opening rate of 757 construction projects have been more than 60%, especially in the construction of key projects faster, opening rate, investment rate compared with the same period last year were greatly increased. 81 municipal key projects to a rate of 73%, your road (bridge) and other municipal road projects, Xining primary and middle school social practice base education project, fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant water into the city project has been fully resumed; the seventh Waterworks in Xining supporting water supply pipe network transformation the transformation of old rural crisis period and other projects in the preparation; affordable housing and agriculture and animal husbandry project has also started to be relocated. B projects to rate 84%, Nanchuan area reconstruction, Nanjing Road, Ning Town Lake wetland sewage treatment project has been resumed; new project, Gan River Industrial Park West sewage treatment plant expansion has started the construction of standardized construction, primary and secondary schools.


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