Detailed Xining surrounding high-speed charging system adjustment

September 3rd, the West Sea Metropolis Daily, Xining Expressway charging system around the adjustment plan to determine the cancellation of the adjustment of 15 high-speed toll station, a text published, many readers call to consult the details. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the Provincial Department of transportation.

and high-speed Beijing Tibet, according to Director Zhang introduced, the need to cancel the toll station are Xiakou toll station and toll station ramp rhyme ieguchi toll station, Chaoyang, Chaoyang North toll station, on the wave of toll stations, toll stations, Sea Lake Toba ramp toll station, Xigang toll station.

as for a lot of people are concerned about the train station and toll station, the Commissioner said, the toll station will no longer build, but will leave the corresponding entrance and highway.

adjustment outside the region will build two at the mainline toll station

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