10 square meters store how to earn $200 thousand

a lot of people want to invest in business, their own business, but how can a successful operation of a store? Today the whole network Xiaobian to take a look at the following story, look at this boutique owner Liu is how to use the 10 square meters of shops may earn 200 thousand yuan.

and it is such a common shop has to feed a family of four liu. This story let people see the "little man" ordinary merchants who have great wisdom.

"business is like water, you have to let the water flow, water flow faster, more clear, if this once the water flow slowly, water will stink." Liu told reporters: "tide shop has two tips, the first is to choose a good location. Do not care whether the shop rent cheap or expensive. I used to do a new market in the 16 square meters of Jiayi boutique in Blue Island District, the rent is 7000 yuan a month. But when doing business in the time will find that a few people can not go in a week. Now what business make money? 2008 a hard hearted to Yansha Jiayi market. The business environment is relatively mature, 10 square meters of boutiques rent is twenty-three thousand yuan. However, although the shop rent expensive, there are a lot of spending power customers."

Ten years of experience in

in cash flow game insight

"to tell the truth, until completely transformed into a buyer’s occupation was initially, I taste the taste of success." Liu told reporters, "I used to sell their own design clothing, although a piece of clothing can earn considerable added value, can be tailored to the customer after all is one of the few. So, single store profit rate has been high. I design a dress for the price of 3000 yuan, from design to production I take into account the dead, dry. Rough down a dress can earn more than 2000 yuan, but at that time only a week to sell clothes, and sometimes one can not sell out of the 35. Together with a variety of cost accounting, such as fabric inventory, apparel product inventory, >

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