Social workers training base inaugurated

recently, Qinghai social work talent education and training base in Qinghai National University was founded and inaugurated.
the base will rely on to carry out the relevant work of social work professional political institute of Qinghai nationalities university. It is understood that the social work team is one of the country’s "12th Five-Year" planning focus on training the "six talent project" in the construction of the society, especially in social governance, social work will play a fundamental role in service and management. The social work profession institute of politics of Qinghai National University in recent years to cultivate a group of related professionals, most of them in social welfare institutions, social institutions in our province the first job, to provide professional services for disadvantaged groups in our province, the recipients more feel the warmth of the party and the government. The listing of the base will be trained in our province more local social work of senior professionals, and will become a professional platform for continuing education of cadres, such as the Ministry of civil affairs and other departments.

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