With the increase in the supply of Xining agricultural products wholesale prices flat

reporter learned from Xining City Agriculture Bureau in March, with the increase in supply, the provincial capital of agricultural and livestock products wholesale prices flat.

reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry market and economic information department, with the Xining farmers market in the local vegetable varieties, the number increased, the festival, vegetable prices will decline slightly. At present, the market of local vegetables are mainly small rape, lettuce, lettuce, chrysanthemum, leek, melon, celery and spinach. Among them, the largest supply of small rape greenhouse. Since the local vegetable market has not yet listed, therefore, the current market vegetables from Gansu, Sichuan and other provinces shipped. With the increase in supply of vegetables, vegetable prices will decline slightly.

beef and mutton wholesale prices have fallen each other. After the Spring Festival, with the gradual reduction in consumer demand for beef, coupled with a relatively adequate supply of the market, the wholesale price of beef showed a downward trend. However, due to insufficient supply of mutton, with the increasing demand, the wholesale price of mutton will have a certain growth. Into March, with the arrival of the peak season, the wholesale price of eggs rose little. (author: Zheng Sizhe)



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