With micro film feel cool Xining fall in love with summer

sponsored by the municipal government, the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of culture, radio and television jointly hosted the first Chinese music tourism micro film fall in love with the summer will be held in Qinghai Grand Theatre premiere on September 7th. This is a micro film Xining cultural beauty, beauty, beauty and multi regional folk music into them, as is the beautiful cool Xining continue to pass out, let more people know Xining, Xining, Xining feel love.

went to Xining and fell in love with summer

has been attached great importance to the development of cultural tourism integration, and micro film as a modern art form in recent years, is currently the most popular form of tourism market promotion. To strengthen our efforts to promote tourism, expand publicity channels, expand the influence of excellent tourism resources in our city, I decided to use the micro film, let more people know about summer in Xining. So, with micro film promotion Xining, the two will collide what kind of chemical reaction? This reporter interviewed the deputy mayor Tong Wang.

reporter: Micro film fall in love with summer, what kind of Xining tourism concept? The city wants to create this micro film through the destination image?

Tong Wang: Xining is the gateway to the city of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, is a country with 2100 years of history of ancient plateau, Xining and 200 km of rich tourism resources, convenient transportation, complete infrastructure, multi religious culture connotation is rich, distinctive culture, cultural tourism resource is unique, unique. We teamed up with Shanghai orient culture media Co., through this new form of micro film, the characteristics of the local folk music culture and natural scenery and human landscape into one, the use of network channels and the world famous pianist is · Malone’s musical influence, for high-end people and love freedom for young people. To promote the Xining natural beauty, cultural beauty. I hope that through such a micro film, so that the outside world concerned about Xining, longing for Xining, into Xining, Xining experience to bring you cool, quiet, pure feeling. It is often said that the winter tour of Sanya, we add that the summer tour of Xining, to Xining, you fell in love with the summer.

reporter: the whole world because of a "big Qinghai" know Qinghai, Xining in the promotion of tourism development process, in which areas have unique advantages?

Tong Wang: tourism is a kind of cultural experience, the experience of tourists through the form of significant natural scenery, cultural landscape, architectural style, folk etiquette, diet culture etc., to feel the profound and unique cultural connotation. Xining is located at the junction of the Loess Plateau and the Qinghai Tibet plateau,;

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