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then, and one hand across above the other side of the breast, and then use the other hand in hand across the breast above, note that the hands overlap, and then forced to slowly push the middle thoracic breast massage force must grasp.

breast massage should be how to do?

next, put your hands together, then put in the breast oblique below, from the roots of the breast to the position of vibration of the whole breast, then hands slowly push breast upwards and gently massage.

breast massage during pregnancy should be how to do? Do massage nipple, pregnant women should pay attention to use both hands thumb and index finger from the root of the breast, slowly massage to the nipple, usually daily massage 2 times, each time can be 20.

finally, pregnant women from the breast slowly put up, and then use hands gently to push up the breast.

breast massage should be how to do: nipple massage

first, the mother would like to put a towel and warm, with warm towels on the breast for fomentation.

then, after cleaning in the breast, and then hand gently hold the breast, starting from the subclavian breast base, with the middle finger and index finger to the nipple to slowly massage, but also with the thumb and forefinger knead the nipple nipple to increase toughness.

note: when mothers massage on doing this, should pay attention to both hands must hold the entire breast, and range of motion to be breast masses disappeared from the pectoralis major, because it is effective, but some files can be arbitrary, kneading, otherwise it will lead to breast injury.


note: when doing nipple massage, the use of blunt teeth comb slowly from the root of the breast to the nipple gently comb, so that you can make the breast tube patency, postpartum lactation is very favorable.

breast massage should be how to do: breast massage

in life, there are many female friends to lactation only when the breast massage breast massage during pregnancy, in fact, when they should be, because this can make mammary gland smooth tube, make the milk more adequate, but may also establish a female friend of breastfeeding confidence, so as to ensure the smooth breastfeeding then, during pregnancy, breast massage should be how to do

breast massage during pregnancy should be how to do? Through the above introduction, believe that mothers should know that there are many benefits of breast massage during pregnancy, but can make plenty of milk more, but also to prevent postpartum breast ptosis, but need to pay attention to is, in pregnancy.

first, the mother to wash their hands, but also to use soap to the nipple outside the ring to scrub the bottom of the breast base, but also to the left and right breast are clean. It should be noted that the nipple is best not to use soap to clean, otherwise it may wash away the protective oil.

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