Put a bunch of guns too low carbon spring festival

Near the Spring Festival, but also to the peak of fireworks. In the sound of the deafening sound of firecrackers, you know each set off firecrackers will produce much PM2.5? Do you know how PM2.5 will affect our environment and the blue sky of Xining? Municipal government issued a proposal to the public in the celebration of the Spring Festival, as far as possible to reduce emissions or fireworks, to maintain good air quality in Xining.

a firecrackers will produce much haze pollution? Shanghai Jiao Tong University Research Center for combustion and Environmental Technology Professor Shangguan Wenfeng team the experimental results show that a bunch of thousands of ring 3 small firecrackers firecrackers placed in the test chamber in the discharge of 30 cubic meters, PM2.5 concentration is 1230 micrograms / cubic meter, the data burst table value of 500 micrograms / cubic meter 2.46 times, mean each set off firecrackers produced PM2.5 serious enough to burst table.

fireworks on air quality in Xining and will impact? Data show that in 2013 New Year’s Eve, PM2.5 concentration once soared to 506 micrograms / cubic meter, the air quality was pulled into the level of serious pollution; the 2014 New Year’s Eve, is at the beginning of the month, due to fireworks, PM2.5 for two consecutive days exceed the standard; the 2015 NEW year’s Eve to the beginning of the six month, in urging people to reduce the discharge of fireworks the propaganda of environmental protection, the situation has improved, the effective monitoring of the number of days to 6 days, the unqualified air (light pollution) only 1 days.

in order for us to breathe more fresh air, the Xining municipal government issued a proposal: during the festival fireworks in the festive atmosphere of joy, at the same time, can also cause air pollution, seriously affecting your health, we recommend that you try or not during the Spring Festival to reduce the discharge of fireworks, prohibit the discharge in the face of heavy pollution weather.  

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