Carefully crafted platform in the city, please Jun Entrepreneurship

for the implementation of "entrepreneurship" plan, the integration of entrepreneurship and promoting employment policies in Huzhu Xiang area in the city in 2012 this month on the business incubator construction completed and put into use, and create favorable conditions for entrepreneurial intention without employment groups and entrepreneurs, to realize the dream of entrepreneurial platform.

, according to reports, the entrepreneurial incubator base will focus on the willingness of college students to provide domestic services, consulting services, network platforms and other aspects of small, multi family, family business incubator project. At the same time provide rent subsidies, tax breaks and other preferential policies to comply with the conditions of entrepreneurs, and give preferential policies in the field of subsidies, policy advice, microfinance and other aspects, to play a "multiplier effect", to help more people who have difficulty finding employment and employment growth.

the completion of the base is one of the important measures of entrepreneurial city to create the city area, as a good platform to promote entrepreneurship employment, the future will be in the city area of laid-off workers, college graduates, retired servicemen, have the ability to work with the disabled, rural labor employment of disadvantaged groups to achieve employment and re employment play an effective role.


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