Grasp the key to push a few push the province according to law

Qinghai leading cadres in accordance with the rule of law training courses for the last 15 days. This event is in accordance with the central Qinghai four comprehensive strategic layout and the specific requirements of the rule of law in accordance with the law, to seize the key cadres of this minority, and comprehensively promote the province’s strategy of comprehensive rule of law.

"this training very touched: in recent years through the mass line education, Party patrol audit, supervision and the establishment of such activities and measures, leading cadres concept of administration according to law has been vigilant alert, but not into the heart into the brain, is still not really into action consciously." Lin Yasong, director of Qinghai Provincial Department of land and resources.

"at work, sometimes with the administrative efficiency priority and work efficiency as the basic requirements, into a" misunderstanding of selective use of law. ". This tendency, from the perspective of the theory of legal function, from the perspective of the theory of administrative efficiency is not inappropriate, but from the perspective of the rule of law, is a typical manifestation of the legal consciousness is not strong." Huang Wenjun, director of Qinghai provincial economic and information commission.

"clear understanding through training, some areas can go getters called Chen, in the economic and social development has played a certain role, but from the rule of law, administrative level, people have become the right pressure pushing method. A rule of law does not always have the concept of leading cadres, the problem can not be formed by the rule of law thinking, it is impossible to enhance the ability to act according to law." Yushu municipal Party committee secretary Cai Chengyong said.

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