Enterprise credit information will be shared

The reporter learned from the provincial

Industrial and Commercial Bureau day ago, our province enterprise credit information collection and interoperability sharing platform construction steadily, before the end of October will be officially networking operation. By then, the company’s illegal behavior will be uploaded to a shared platform, its corporate bank loans, bidding, a series of acts such as aircraft will be limited.

it is reported that the implementation of enterprise credit information platform construction work in our province to speed up this year, Industrial and Commercial Bureau carefully plan the interoperability sharing platform construction as to deepen the reform of commercial system "a project", "government departments, linkage, interoperability, security and efficient" principle, to the national enterprise credit publicity system (Qinghai) construction and operation platform as the basis, to determine the construction standards in accordance with national enterprise credit information publicity system technical specifications ", formulated the" national enterprise credit information publicity system (Qinghai) technology program ", and relying on E-government extranet and Internet business and business network for the Internet channel, to create" a center, the two platform construction goal, reform and perfection of Qinghai industrial data center and "Qinghai Province, the main market credit information publicity system" The development and construction of the Qinghai market main body credit information collection and sharing of collaborative supervision system platform. At the same time, led the establishment of the province’s 45 member units interoperability mechanism to clarify the responsibilities of the various departments of the network list to ensure that the work of standardization and standardization of sharing. In addition, the province Industrial and Commercial Bureau from credit construction planning, information collection, credit information directory, key areas of research applications to develop a series of normative documents, solve the problem of quasi network information in each department standard standard, Department of information asymmetry, network platform is not uniform. To ensure the realization of public information sharing in place in place, the enterprise information collection in place, unified credit platform in place, the application of credit information, government departments to effectively solve the problem of "information island" and "information barriers" restrict credit information work.

as of now, the interconnection sharing platform has been successfully tried to even try, before the end of October will be officially networking operation. In the future, the form of government information islands will be completely broken, the company’s credit information will be transparent publicity, the formation of a good faith system construction, truly a corporate dishonesty, everywhere limited.


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