Xining two sessions Xining face growing pains

where there is development, where there is trouble. Consumption level is high, the pace of life is fast, the city is big, the space is little, population is much, communication is little…… A series of problems tested the city’s decision makers and people living here. In the Xining NPC and CPPCC, the reporter heard the most is the reflection of the deputies and members of the urban diseases, and these are the main leaders summed up Xining city as "city growing pains, and promised one by one comb to gradually ease and solve.

voice: the traffic jam problem whether the implementation of the single and double limit vehicle number

in Xining this year, two sessions, regardless of NPC deputies and CPPCC members, concerned about the momentum of the development of Xining traffic more than a year, the focus is constantly refined. For example, whether it can limit the number of official vehicles marked marked. "Large and medium-sized city has started to limit the number on the road, Xining old city roads, vehicle saturation rate is high, is not it should take measures to limit the number?" "Watching the news recently, said Beijing has a special child in situ investigation of a traffic jam, which is a large part of the official vehicle driving is not standardized, the little guy also suggested that the buses are put on striking red license, so easy to identify, but also to better regulate the use of. This advice is bold, but it is a good idea." In the East District delegation on the group discussion, representatives, members to discuss the topic of limit.

connection: a reporter from the Xining municipal traffic department learned that the vehicle population in Xining increased year by year, the current ownership of 300 thousand cars in the first "100 thousand" for ten years, the second "100 thousand" for seven or eight years, and the third "100 thousand" in only two years, motor vehicle the development of the city and the old city proper facilities to keep up with the rapid growth of the population. With the increasing number of private cars, the implementation of the limit number, not overnight can do, but to go through research, verification, solicitation of public opinion, held hearings and other decisions by the decision-making departments and the general public. But the Xining City Department of transportation is also actively promoting the public to choose public transportation, basic new flyover, intersection, transformation and other measures in the replacement bus last year, this year, Xining city will continue to build a number of pedestrian bridges, open up the broken road, the road of increasing delisting, open up more streets small circulation, added the intersection overpass, enhance traffic control and vehicle dispatch intelligent level of accountability, repeated excavation, redundant construction, ease traffic jam phenomenon gradually.

voice: "old before getting rich" worry "nursery" can achieve full coverage of

the two sessions, many representatives reflect the personal problems that everyone must face – pension. People’s Congress Ceng Xuxia mentioned in the motion, Xining should develop as soon as possible for the community endowment service, community endowment construction has become an important pillar of the pension system, and strive to achieve every community elderly day care center. According to statistics, in 2000 the fifth census, the population of Xining from 0 to 14 years old accounted for more than 65 of the population aged over the age of only 22.81%, only about 4.83%. To;

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