Simulated earthquake drill into the building

December 21st, organized by the Datong County Government, the Municipal Seismological Bureau, the city emergency response office co sponsored by the earthquake disaster prevention and mitigation of the desktop simulation of earthquake emergency drills held in the town of Qiaotou County government.

it is understood that the desktop simulation of earthquake emergency drill is mainly for Datong County, the potential threat of earthquake and earthquake emergency simulation exercises to test the "Datong County earthquake emergency plan" operability. At 9:30 on the same day, the transfer of personnel sounded whistle sound (on behalf of the earthquake), drills began. Simulation of a 6 earthquake occurred at the junction of Menyuan County of Qinghai province and Gansu County of Jingtai province at the whole exercise process, the earthquake relief headquarters of each member of the unit immediately to the disaster relief headquarters set, start an earthquake emergency plan, post earthquake information, relevant departments rushed to the disaster area to carry out rescue work, command, disaster information collection, rapid determination of disaster rescue. Through the exercise to the members of the unit with the earthquake relief work processes, clear their responsibilities in the earthquake relief, increase the awareness of member units of the sense of urgency, disaster prevention and mitigation, improve the ability of the relevant departments to handle emergencies. (author: Wang Qiong)


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