Never thought a grasshopper in an order of up to 200 thousand

locust is perhaps the "ugly" in people’s minds, but it contains abundant nutrients, including protein, fat, carbohydrate, organic substances and so on, there are a lot of the human body needs amino acids and vitamins; inorganic substances including various salts, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. In addition, but also rich in chitin, chitin can eliminate body endotoxin, with detoxification efficacy of beauty.

7 20 July at 5 in the morning, the crickets call twice from time to time. The 25 year old students (read Sheng) standing in the clouds shed outside devours several greenhouses movement. In the rustling sound slowly, she picked up a net rate of two villagers and mugwort, walked into the shed……

a grasshopper is not a whim, students usually pay much attention to the cloud using rural distance education network view information, the first half of 2007, she learned from the network of distance education information to the market, in many parts of the country, the grasshopper became popular on the table of the green food, one kilogram can sell tens of dollars, a good prospect.

"grasshopper is actually very good, as long as the eggs into the greenhouse, and ensure enough food without pesticides, grasshopper can survive and reproduce, 6 every day I will shed two hundred or three hundred pounds of grass in the shed around the Mexico corn and millet grass harvest without other servants. Three harvests a year, became a grasshopper, now near the hotel are rushing to sell 20 yuan a pound, we sold out."

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