Sanmenxia out of business success of the 2016 Chinese new year tea conference ended

In recent years

is hitherto unknown entrepreneurs to get attention, top-down multi sectoral multi level government take a fancy to the entrepreneurs, and helping to guide the smooth development, build a pioneering stage.

tea meeting, Hubin District government first to give long-term care, support and help the Lake District in the foreign entrepreneurs to express my heartfelt thanks, extended New Year greetings and best wishes to more of the body in the field of friends from all walks of life through them, and wish you successful people often go back go and see, a lot of interest in the development of home, and give advice and suggestions for the development of hometown. Hubin District relevant departments responsible person said that the Lake District, which will provide the most relaxed environment for development, the most preferential investment policies and more humanized service, providing development opportunities, create growth space, set up a pioneering stage for the majority of customers, and jointly write a new chapter in the construction of "beautiful lake", for the transformation and development of Sanmenxia chelseagreat.

the tea Syria will also marks the Lake District launched the "hundred merchants’ trip to Sanmenxia. It is reported that from the beginning of February to May 24th, the Henan Provincial Federation of industry, Sanmenxia city will continue to carry out the "hundred merchants’ trip to Sanmenxia.

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