Open a fresh fruit juice shop to do what preparation

freshly squeezed fruit juice shop is now becoming more and more, many people prefer to drink this drink, then, if you open a freshly squeezed fruit juice shop, what needs to be prepared? Xiao Bian introduced.

with the first people to pursue health, green food, drinks in our daily life gradually fancy, so now there are many Fresh Juice shop, how to open a Fresh Juice shop? These we need to work in the shop before you get ready.

(1) open a fresh fruit juice shop to do what preparation? The bus station, such as business with a small capital should choose schools, roads, residential entrance and next to the market.

(2) open a fresh fruit juice shop to do what preparation? The purchase of several fruit juice machine, generally need three units, in addition, refrigerators and tableware tables and chairs are essential.

(3) purchased water rich juice and suitable fruit, such as lemon, orange, apple and Muskmelon (more than 6).

(4) make business hours, business hours are generally set at 10 a.m. to 20 p.m..

(5) to apply for health permits and business licenses and other documents.

above is about to open some fresh fruit juice shop needs to do some preparation, I hope you will pay more attention to this, a detailed understanding, so as to set up shop more relaxed, in order to make our business more profitable.

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