Jiangxi Shangli electricity supplier training to promote entrepreneurship

since 2009, China’s electricity supplier development has entered a period of rapid development. The burst out of the market potential of the stunning world. Entrepreneurs have chosen in electricity market, hoping to earn first pot of gold of life here.

"since participated in the training of e-commerce, I put the home brewed wine, sweet Valley wine get online sales, sales suddenly increased several times, now in short supply" Li Chuanming took orders come in a throng said a delighted. This is just a microcosm of Jiangxi electric business training to promote entrepreneurship in Shangli.

2015 years, the county actively explore the training of e-commerce personnel training and training mechanism, to attract potential development of e-commerce businesses and individuals, and invited experts to teach for free. Currently has held 10 e-commerce training courses, there are 298 people who have participated in the training of e-commerce awareness. There are a number of students to open a shop in the online sales of their own products, to achieve a sitting at home business.

The sustained and rapid development of

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