Necessity of entrepreneurship

joined the investment is a kind of business, in the upcoming 2012, many people want to have a career development in the year of the Dragon there, as to how to take off, we’ll take a look at this before Mr. Li’s business experience, and we work together to learn from.


1, before the start, remember not to blindly. To understand the individual character and interest, clear money situation, further consideration of the creation of the store business to what species, what kind of conditions, and the development potential of operating varieties were evaluated, and then decide whether to invest. 2, although the chain business is a good way, but in the franchise, the entire investment should not be too large, to seek high profits, less investment, small products; people should not join the first venture big chain project. To choose the perfect support for the operating system to join the franchise enterprises in order to obtain the support of the whole process of the system.

3, some people say: "half" is to find a location of business success, this is not false. In general, the shop in the bustling bustling area, the chances of success are often much higher than ordinary lots. Lots of larger traffic are: urban commercial center (known as "downtown"); the station (including the starting point and end point near the train station, bus station, passenger ferry, bus); the gate of the hospital (in large hospitals with the inpatient department is preferred); the school gate; the popular tourist attractions; the large wholesale market door. But lots of gold is not the only choice, because the choice of place of business and business content and potential customers of all walks of life are closely related, have different characteristics and consumption object, so we must determine the best place to shop according to the different business sectors and projects.


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