The nternet is taking over the Chinese economy

seize the hottest business opportunities in order to compete in the fierce today, the harvest of wealth in the future. The traditional enterprise how to adapt to the Internet age, this is a big topic, but it is worth a good study and discussion, thinking this short talk only sporadic, not a system, when the right to initiate.

one, the traditional industries of the impact of the Internet should maintain adequate attention and vigilance, as a matter of vital importance of enterprises.

the pressure of competition, not from your experience, but from the judgment of future trends. The Internet industry now looks every little technological innovation or small movements, are likely to affect the future of the industry, is the so-called "sparks of fire, fire", do not underestimate.

If a product than the product of 10% strong competitors, then it will be 1000 times magnification in the network, the growth of this index is better than the linear growth line under much more rapid. Therefore, the Internet industry is easy to produce the best organization, with better organizational skills, innovation, management, marketing capabilities.

The production management process of production management processes and the Internet

Internet product management process: goal, discovery, authorization, management. It is characterized by the following tasks: the first task, the organization, the goal setting, the resource matching. Alibaba vice president Gao Hongbing also talked about Internet products company approaching zero inventory, inventory is the biggest arch-criminal eat traditional industry profits.

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