nnovation and entrepreneurship class needs a good hard water exercise

concept of innovation and entrepreneurship has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the new era of entrepreneurs who have such avant-garde ideas. The day before, Chen Riting had a very good experience of college students about the innovation class, his feeling is: open easily, good trouble.

"if the school offers innovative entrepreneurship courses, I probably wouldn’t be going to." Chen Riting, who graduated from the University in 2014, is now running his own business project – "together", which is a focus on young entrepreneurs under the age of 30 social entrepreneurial media. During the period of school, Chen Riting had no chance on innovation and entrepreneurship courses; and in the entrepreneurial road stumbled over a year Chen Riting think back, think university professors from the start of the battlefield, I am afraid it is difficult to give her what practical help.

"want to start learning to grind the crisp and Curve Wrecker to employment and entrepreneurship classes in a classroom, how ah." Beijing, a college of biological science undergraduate Wang Xinkai recalled that year’s entrepreneurial class, the impression is not deep, just feel, it seems useless".

however, open innovation and entrepreneurship courses in Colleges and universities, for not only is to nurture students to become entrepreneurs. For example, the double degree from Peking University Guanghua School of management majoring in business administration management innovation direction of the enrollment made it clear that the double degree of the purpose of setting is to make students master the first undergraduate degree in theoretical knowledge and professional skills, creative thinking, knowledge management knowledge, enhance entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial experience, for potential entrepreneurs better grasp of future business opportunities.


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