Doing business may be more caring

different business people, the attitude of the customer will be different, some shopkeepers will be from the customer’s point of view, to provide sincere care, while some shopkeepers are really bent on doing business. Last Sunday morning, I walked to the nearby grocery market. People walk along the market channel, I walk to buy family favorite dishes. Go to the market at the end of the pork stalls, carrying a lot of full of fruits and vegetables, egg, tofu, chicken bag, I’m going to end today’s purchase to buy some pork.

pork stalls have a male and a female stall stall, they work all neatly with fresh pork, pork stall just looks female than male stall less. When I approached, the man gave me a warm greeting: "the freshest pork, XX yuan a pound, how much do you come?" He put the knife edge on the grindstone grinding loudly a few, to show his professional skill.

in the active male stall and unassuming backdrop, always smile on my female stall is very quiet. Perhaps the woman’s instinct, I nodded thanks to male stall, go straight to the female stall on the edge, asking price on the chopping board found a piece of pork to the female stall deftly cut, bagging, money. As I was about to leave, she called out to me, "sister, have you bought so much food today? I have a green bag, carrying heavy things do not work hard, take it!" I hesitated, took the bag from her hand.

Since before the

carry a few bags of food, my hand has been leaving traces, and even some faint ache, this bag is timely assistance. My female stall back with a smile from the heart grateful, but also could not help but looked at her: about forty years old, petite stature, his face always blooming smile, warm and polite talk.

arguably, her duty is responsible for selling pork, as long as do not Quejinshaoliang, fraud has been a qualified owner. But through careful observation, she gave me a "value-added" services – environmental protection bags. This is not worth the environmental protection bag gave me a surprise, let me feel her meticulous care.

thought of it, and I knew why her pork was selling fast. Warm and sincere smile, meticulous service, customers will certainly like me in the heart of the mind: after buying pork on her!

such a contrast, the difference will naturally come out, but also allows others to understand why these two stalls business will not be the same. The same price, not the same service. The female stall is not blindly small and large homes, "care" at the same time devoted to the emotional care, poke points, not everyone can do it. She is a keen observer, meticulous care, inadvertently captured the hearts of customers. So, it’s a good idea to do business

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