nvestment Tian teacher need to how much Braised pork in brown sauce

this is really a focus on a Chinese food restaurant, has been in the Chinese food culture to dedicate their efforts. It is the teacher Tian Braised pork in brown sauce. Is one of the hot Braised pork in brown sauce recipe. Braised pork in brown sauce are quite popular in our country, is a famous popular dishes. Tian teacher put Braised pork in brown sauce a very homely dish made of a well-known brand, has become the public love brand, also attract many investors to join, then joined the

brand needs to how much money?

investment Tian teacher Braised pork in brown sauce need how many money?

join fee is as follows:

1, joined the default margin: 50 thousand yuan (no disputes, the contract can be refunded after termination);

2, brand use fee: each store, the monthly charge of the store turnover of 2%;

3, the proceeds are divided into: investors 70%, party a 30% (as a management fee and the interests of the Brand Company).

if you want to join, franchisees need to meet the following requirements:

requirements for investment franchisees

1. identity brand concept

1) recognized teacher Tian Braised pork in brown sauce brand management idea and operation management system.

2) good communication and coordination skills.

3) to accept and comply with the company’s qualification, credit investigation.

2. can provide operating listings

1 provided by the use of the housing area, the requirements are: 120-200 square meters (Note: the provision of construction area is invalid).

2) housing service contract shall not be less than 5 years (or can be renewed for 5 years or more).

3) meet the requirements (see the shop location "G- development site – Assessment registration form -120920.xls")

if you have sufficient funds, and meet the conditions of joining, you can join the brand, began to make money!

if you more than the cost of joining in your range, and you also meet the conditions of the above, then please leave a message below our website.

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