A small bowl of spicy peas small details to join

pasta and the new tactics you know? A bowl of noodle with fragrant yellow peas, delicious meals, reasonable collocation, nutrition and health.

hot bowl of peas played facet. Would like to join the first to know about it.

hot bowl of pea facet to join the project:

spicy small pea pea small selection of yellow pea, fried with pork, then add soup stew feeding by pouring in the fight up and face to face facet, bean sweet shine, delicacy taste classic.

spicy little pea pea pea facet decreased with the starch content, make noodles more pliable, and long cooking is not bad, not sticky lump. And the unique flavor of peas into the face, so that the surface is more full-bodied flavor.

join support:

before opening

01, visit the headquarters environment, contact the professional team.

02, taste delicious bean pea facet, experience.

03, agents signed cooperation projects, access to official authorization.

04, professional team site, determine the appropriate store.

05, issued by the renovation program, custom store image.

06, training headquarters, combination of theory and practice.

07, according to the map shop decoration, unified visual effects.

08, through the final assessment, issued a diploma.

09, the operation of material distribution, investment companies to send teachers to support the store.

10, to provide soft guide to create a restaurant atmosphere.

11, joined the company to provide business solutions, make you a hit.


01, join the company to provide terminal manuals to ensure the daily operation.

02, festival marketing strategy, advance WeChat push.

03, the official media reports, improve the visibility of the investment brand.

04, new product research and development, power terminal sales.

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