Good business needs to extract a good selling point

in today’s market, if there is no selling point, can not attract customers, I am afraid there is no way to attract customers to trade. So, if you want to succeed in business, but also need to refine a good selling point, so that the business will really help.

the author of the opposite side of the unit has a small shop, rolling broadcast ads every day is: boss ran, the boss ran, the boss is not operating, special sales of goods!" After a month for: "the boss came back, the boss came back, the boss to celebrate, discount bargain." The next month is: "the boss ran again, and ran away……" The central idea of its marketing is: boss. He sells "fun."".

had seen a street mute, his business where do the best. In fact, he just write down a number (price), do not bother, monoprix. He sold it".

often heard downstairs Apple hawkers shouting: "big and sweet apples, apple growers in person!" Every time I have to laugh: unable to restrain the emotions are not the kinds of fruit? However, he sold the "true colors".

newsstand a big sister, she sold to customer magazine, always get a stack of magazines of the second book, because it is not dirty. She sells "intimate".


many engineers and product managers do not understand: customers do not want to buy a product, they need to use a product to complete a task or solve a problem. It can be said that: the customer is not the drill, but the hole; the customer is not a toilet brush, but a clean toilet.

if the customer needs a cup of water to quench their thirst, right and left, the clerk finally happily side to a cup of wine, said: "although let you wait for a long time, but you see things more high-end we provide……" Obviously, this is irrelevant to the show.

if the merchant even its own selling points are not way out, but also to get the trust of consumers? Make business more successful? So, sell, sell, don’t show off. Good business, need to have a good selling point, and the best selling point, is the characteristics and key points.

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