Do a good job of lighting to make the shop more popular

no matter what kind of shop, only with the popularity of the first, can protect the popularity of the store can be higher. And how to enhance the popularity of the store, which has become a lot of operators need to think about the problem. Not long ago, I visited the market found that some retail store lighting is not good, also did not take the lighting necessary measure, many consumers go around, even the owner lost, very busy with public duty "in many sales opportunities. To create a good environment for the terminal, in my opinion, may wish to start from the store lighting this small thing.

first, we must fully understand the effect of lighting on consumer psychology. Lighting related to the store to leave the first impression, related to the ability to capture the attention of consumers. Will store the goods directly, a superb collection of beautiful things beautifully presented to the consumer, the light effect denied. If you do not pay attention to the lighting effect, easy to cause the lack of display in the store, and even to consumers to create a dark impression, affect the mood of consumers, reduce their desire to buy.

secondly, we must adhere to the "beautiful eye-catching, prominent features," the principle of lighting. To play the role of basic lighting, create a bright and spacious store environment, so that consumers in a moment can glance into the store to store goods, roughly understand the species, store layout, commodity level, help consumers find goods, save shopping time. In addition, light boxes and decorative lamp can further create a theme style shop atmosphere, especially in the backdrop of the night, light boxes and decorative lamp effect will be more prominent, truly realize the "eye effect", arouse the curiosity of consumers.

again, to further improve the work of the lighting adjustment. Bright and spacious shops clearly show in front of consumers, the terminal building in the store, health standards, regional division also put forward higher requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job related to the improvement of the store environment, play a light effect on the promotion of the role of commodity sales, to achieve a consistent atmosphere and the atmosphere of the light.

each of us is a customer, in the course of the daily shopping, if the store has a light inside, relative to the dim shop, I believe such a shop can no doubt be more attractive. In short, lights, thriving. In the store business, we must firmly grasp the consumer psychology, flexible and good lighting effect, to create a comfortable, clean and bright shopping environment for consumers.

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